Cancellation Policy

Welcome to Ziper. Your order is extremely important to us. Ziper ('website', 'Web Site', 'site' 'mobile app', 'app', 'we', 'us', 'our') is committed to protecting your rights to the cancellation of services at any given point of time.

We would never like to cancel your order. However, we reserve the rights to cancel your order at any given point in time.

Cancellation by Ziper

We may cancel your order in case we are not able to serve you the products you have purchased. We will cancel your subscription and will not refund the subscription amount.

We may cancel your order if we find any discrepancy in the process.

We may cancel your order if we find any misuse of our system.

We may cancel your order and block your services if we find a use of any pornographic or abusive or illegal activities performed by your account.

You shall be informed about cancelled orders via Email.

Cancellation by User

If an item doesn't work the way it should and can't easily be fixed you are entitled to a refund of the item.

However, the cancellation will NOT be processed in the following cases:

  1. If you don't want it after you have used it.
  2. If you simply change your mind.
  3. If you bought an item by mistake.
  4. If you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item.

All queries related to cancellation should be addressed on info@ziper.io. Cancellation may take up to 30 days.

Refund Policy

These refund rules outline what you can expect from us for the product you purchase. They provide a transparent approach to refunds giving you a great platform experience for a fair experience.

One Time Fee & Refunds

Product fees are non-refundable.

If the end-user has a reason to believe that the payment was charged on error, only then the user can provide written notice to our Customer Support and request to cancel his/her Fee by emailing us on info@ziper.io.

When eligible, Fee cancellation can be performed by Customer Support only up to a period of 12 hours from the Fee payment date. We will not cancel Fees after that time or after an End Product has been used.

Eligibility to cancel a Fee will be assessed by our Customer Support team based on a number of factors, including, without limitation, violations of our Terms of Service and improper usage of the Ziper platform.

In case of any refunds, the money will be refunded via NEFT mode only within 15 days.

Resolving disputes

If you and Ziper can't come to an agreement about a refund, you can raise a dispute and have Ziper investigate the matter. We will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.