Ziper Features

A simple and inexpensive way to send thousands of WhatsApp messages online with a single click from your personal or business account. Get new clients and expand your business sending bulk messages.

Fully Responsive

You can manage Your account from any devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, Mac etc.

Flexible Pricing

We offer the most flexible pricing in the industry, allowing you to scale based on your business needs.


Send shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders, and other notifications on WA using our ziper application.

Group Manager

Managing all of your accounts in groups saves you time.

Add Senders

Easy Scan QR Codes to Add All Senders.

Receive Messages

Integrate inbound messages via HTTP webhooks events notification to your server in a near real-time fashion.

File Manager

Fully integrated with the best image uploading and editing currently available.

Easy To Integrate

Our simple to use API that can easily integrated within any existing software, CRM or CMS with basic programming experience.

Export Contacts

You can export the whole member list of WA group.

Cloud API

Your own number WhatsApp cloud API.