What is Ziper.io and How it is different from others

Ziper.io is a Whatsapp Cloud API which is a marketing platform through which Businesses can do WhatsApp Broadcasting, automate replies through keywords, Send thousands of whatsapp message online with a single click from your personal or business account. It empowers you to send and receive messages, multimedia, and files through WhatsApp Cloud API using a simple and user-friendly interface.


Ziper.io Whatsapp marketing software is most popular solution for send bulk notification messages. It is a software to build for to grow your business sales and generate more quality leads. With the help of ziper you can send transactional bulk messages to all your daily walk-in customers even without saving your customer number. Also, you can tell them to save your number for future offer updates, through whatsapp status.
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Tips and Tricks for Sending Bulk Broadcast Message

1.Do not use newly activated number for promotion.
2.After activating you new account, for few days chat with the contacts you have saved.
3.Join open groups and have conversation with them.
4.Don’t use 4 whatsapp in same mobile.
5.Delete chats after campaign
6.Switch your phone to flight mode for 10 seconds to dynamically change its IP address.

Key Features of Ziper.io

Integration- With Ziper, integration is simple. You can utilize it to send shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment notifications, and other messages through WhatsApp.


Fully Responsive- You have the flexibility to manage your account from various devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and Mac computers.


Add Senders- Effortlessly scan QR codes to add all senders.


Group Manager- By organizing your accounts into groups saves your time.

Easy to integrate- Our API is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into any existing software, CRM, or CMS with just basic programming experience.


Flexible Pricing- We provide the most flexible pricing in the industry, enabling you to scale according to your business requirements.


How Ziper.io differs from other Whatsapp Cloud API


While there are other WhatsApp APIs available, Ziper.io distinguishes itself in several ways:


Ease of Use: Ziper.io boasts a user-friendly interface and clear documentation, making it accessible to developers of all skill levels.


Full Multimedia Support: Unlike some APIs that are limited to text-only messages, Ziper.io facilitates the exchange of multimedia, enriching communication possibilities.


Personalization: The API's ability to create personalized templates and automated responses enables businesses to tailor their interactions with customers.


Scalability: Ziper.io's cloud-based infrastructure ensures seamless scalability, accommodating businesses of all sizes and traffic volumes.


Affordability: With competitive pricing and flexible plans, Ziper.io offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking WhatsApp integration.


The Ziper.io WhatsApp Cloud API presents an excellent solution for businesses and developers seeking seamless integration with WhatsApp. Its user-friendly interface, support for multimedia, and personalized automated responses set it apart from other WhatsApp APIs in the market. By leveraging Ziper.io, businesses can enhance their communication with customers, streamline support, conduct marketing campaigns, and deliver a superior customer experience.