ways to execute WhatsApp Marketing Campaning

Using unofficial bulk WhatsApp messaging tools

This is where you buy a bulk WhatsApp messaging tool from the market and hook it into your WhatsApp/ WhatsApp business number that you are using on your phone. And send Bulk WhatsApp messages from that number.

Benefits of using unofficial tools

  • Most of these unofficial tools give you an option to send bulk messages for free.
  • Typically there is no per message charge.
  • You can continue using normal WhatsApp on WhatsApp business along with WhatsApp bulk messaging and marketing from the same number.
  • You don’t need to go through any additional verification process by WhatsApp for this.

Limitations of using unofficial tools

  • This is really slow and you can only message a limited number of people at a time
  • You can send attachments images and personalization but you cannot send button messages or call to action. So in order to reply users have to type the message and send it to you. This reduces the overall number of replies that you get from your marketing campaign
  • If you’re messaging unknown people this is what they see on their WhatsApp screen.
  • And when people report or block your number, WhatsApp might ban your number from their platform temporarily or even permanently. So using the unofficial tools you can only send limited non-promotional types of bulk messages to a limited number of people.
  • The unofficial tools are not reliable, since no unofficial tool is endorsed by WhatsApp. In fact, they say it’s illegal to use any unofficial tool for unauthorized bulk WhatsApp messaging. They can come up with an algorithm update any day and it can thwart your marketing campaigns.