WhatsApp Cloud API for Small Scale Business

Social media still has a significant impact on businesses today. Most businesses today are highly dependent on social media apps, whether for marketing, customer service, or even advertising. In fact, a company without a social media presence has seen a decline in revenue, in the current years.

WhatsApp is one of the best business experiences because it meets people where they are. It is the most popular customer engagement tool for businesses. “More companies will be able to utilize WhatsApp to increase their sales, thanks to the introduction of free cloud-based API services”, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta.

It might be beneficial for small businesses to have a quick, simple, and dependable method of communicating with their clients. That means there will be no more holding for a response, getting trapped on a faulty website, or wondering if your email will ever be viewed after sending it into a black box. Businesses and developers will be able to build directly on top of WhatsApp for simpler access and customization of the user experience, as well as to improve response times for their clients.

WhatsApp Cloud API is the 2019-released WhatsApp Business API from Meta that runs in the cloud. Previously, organizations had to go through WhatsApp Business Solution Providers to obtain the WhatsApp Business API, which was a time-consuming process (BSPs). With the help of a secure cloud-hosted WhatsApp API, any company or developer can now simply use WhatsApp APIs, adapt them as needed, and reduce the time it takes to respond to clients. Businesses may now easily get and set up their WhatsApp Business API account for free because Meta will now pay the cost of all hosting and servers.

Figure :WhatsApp Ecosystem

Figure : Business Features


The major differences between WhatsApp Business API & Cloud API are:

1. Cloud API can be accessed directly from Meta for free but WhatsApp Business API must be accessed via BSPs.

2. Companies do not have to pay for hosting and maintaining the cloud API.

Both solutions’ features are identical in every way.

WhatsApp Cloud API Features:

Businesses would have quicker access to all the new features on Cloud API. All of the functionalities currently offered by WhatsApp Business API are also included in WhatsApp Business Cloud API.

Benefits of the WhatsApp Cloud API include:

  • Integrate WhatsApp messaging with third-party apps, CRM software, and analytics software.
  • Verified WhatsApp Business profile with a Green Tick
  • WhatsApp Bulk & Broadcast Messaging
  • Use BSPs or CRM instead of an app or interface.
  • Using third-party applications, WhatsApp Chatbot and chat automation
  • Schedule numerous WhatsApp messages in advance.
  • List messages, reply buttons, and CTA messages are examples of interactive messaging features.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API Cost

Access to the WhatsApp Cloud API is free. However, you must pay depending on conversations if you wish to send WhatsApp messages utilizing Cloud APIs.

1. Conversations started by the business – These are interactions between a company and a user. There will need to be a message template for these business-related talks.

2. User-Initiated Conversations – These are communications that a user initiates with a company. Within a 24-hour interval, if a company responds to this communication, it counts as a user-initiated interaction

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