Official Vs Unofficial WhatsApp Marketing Softwares Application

Official Vs Unofficial WhatsApp Marketing Softwares

Comparison between Official WhatsApp Business API based platforms & unofficial WhatsApp Bulk Softwares. 

Comparison Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares Unofficial WhatsApp Marketing Softwares
Approved by Facebook Yes No
Legal 100% Legal, based on Official WhatsApp Business APIs Illegal Softwares, will get your number banned
Risk of number getting Blocked Extremely Low Extremely High
Security End-to-end Encrypted Messages Unsecure, risk of data leak
Bulk WhatsApp Broadcasting Send Official WhatsApp Broadcasts to unlimited users Unofficial, illegal means of sending Broadcast
Live Chat Yes No
Approved by Facebook - Built using WhatsApp Business API Yes No
WhatsApp Chatbot - Can you add WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer queries? Yes Yes
Integrations - Can you integrate with CRMs & Ecommerce Portals like Shopify, WooCommerce, Hubspot to automate notifications for order, delivery, payments etc? Yes Yes
Experience Smooth Filled with glitches
Click to WhatsApp Chat - Can you share WhatsApp Links to get users on WhatsApp Yes No, you can't
Message Delivery Report Can tell if message was delivered Can't tell if messages was delivered
Official WhatsApp Account - Green Tick on WhatsApp Yes, you can get a Green Tick on Approval basis Never
Click-to-WhatsApp Ads - 1-click Ads run on facebook & Instagram to drive users on WhatsApp Yes Never
Clickable Buttons - Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons clicking which users can redirect to website or landing page Yes Yes
Clickable Links - Can you add clickable links in messages? Yes Yes
100% Delivery rate Yes Yes
Analytics - Can you monitor Analytics of Broadcast campaigns? Yes No
Button Messages - Can you add buttons in messages Yes Yes