How Spintax work to avoid whatsapp number blocking

Using Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables are filled automatically with corresponding values when your message is sent, for example, lets say you want to welcome anyone who sends a “Hi” message to you, with a reply that greets them with their name, you can setup your Smart Reply like:

Hi {C}, how are you doing?

WA Web Plus will replace the {C} variable with the real sender name as you saved it on your phone, and will send the reply as:

Hi John, how are you doing?

What if the sender is not added to my contacts list?

Use the {U} variable instead, it will try to use the name that the sender is setting on their WhatsApp account.

Using Spintax

Spintax, stands for Spin Syntax, is a list of text phrases, sentences and synonyms separated by the pipe character (|). Each group of keywords is enclosed inside curly brackets ({}). The Spintax parser picks a random keyword or sentence from the available choices and generates unique sentences for each iteration.

When should I use Spintax?

Use Spintax formatted messages when you want to always have a unique message content sent to your contacts, instead of sending the same reply everytime, it’s very useful when you’re using Group Actions. Lets say you want to welcome every new member who joins your group, you can setup your group action reply like:

{Hello|Hi|Hola} {CF}, How {have you been|are you doing}? Welcome to our {amazing|fantastic|great} group! {{Thanks and|Best} Regards|Cheers|Thanks}

Whenever a new contact joins your group, WA Web Plus will welcome them with a different message each time:

Hola John, How are you doing? Welcome to our amazing group! Cheers
Hello Marry, How are you doing? Welcome to our great group! Best Regards
Hi Ahmed, How are you doing? Welcome to our great group! Thanks and Regards
Hi Dan, How have you been? Welcome to our fantastic group! Cheers

Notice that you can also use nested Spintax variables, which also improves the spinning and generation of new sentences.

The best situation to use Spintax format is also while Broadcasting, it reduces your robotic activities by always generating a unique message with each broadcast.

Spintax Generatorhttps://wmtools.me/spintax-generator