Can I send bulk whatsapp messages

Ziper.io does not have a limit as to how many messages you can send.

we do not recommend sending more than 500-1000 messages a day.

But when you send bulk messages users Maybe mark your messages as spam which will lead to your number being blocked. (How to Unblock Number)

So take care to send messages only to your clients only. And the messages should not be spam or annoying advertisements. The messages should be services (reminders - OTP - subscription - or any message the customer is waiting for ...etc

Here’s why WhatsApp is so powerful

  • It has 2 billion users, so your entire audience is using it.
  • Everyone checks their WhatsApp message almost immediately after it is received.
  • If you draft the right message, you can get 60-90% replies.
    That’s 30-40 times higher compared to the most engaging SMS and email campaigns.

If you are still reading then you want to use Bulk WhatsApp messaging for marketing your business. Maybe you just don’t know how!

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